Call for Papers (txt)(pdf)

Ubiquitous multimedia services define a new paradigm of accessing media-rich
information anytime, anywhere. The proliferation of smart mobile devices
transform the way that people interact with multimedia, thus opening emerging
opportunities of pervasive media applications while bringing in technical
challenges at the same time. This workshop aims to provide an international
forum for the discussion of challenges in the fields of ubiquitous multimedia
computing and communication, including theoretical studies, practical issues,
and emerging technologies.

UMCC 2010 seeks original high quality contributions addressing innovative
research in the broad field of multimedia computing and communication.
Prospective authors are invited to submit papers with 4-6 pages in IEEE
Computer Society's double-column format including results, figures and
references. The topics of interests include, but are not limited to, the
  - Pervasive Multimedia Computing
  - Ambient Intelligence
  - Multi-Modal User Interface
  - Smart Environments
  - Multimedia Information Retrieval
  - Multimedia in Telemedicine
  - Protocols for Ubiquitous Services
  - Context-Aware Ubiquitous Computing
  - Location-based Ubiquitous Multimedia Services
  - Multimedia Services and Applications
  - Ubiquitous Multimedia Security
  - Ubiquitous Sensor Networks / RFID
  - Ubiquitous Multimedia Modelling and Processing
  - Smart Home Network Middleware
  - Virtual Reality and Game Technology
  - Ubiquitous Mixed and Augmented Reality
  - Peer-to-Peer Networking for Ubiquitous Multimedia
  - QoS Provisioning for Ubiquitous Multimedia
  - Agent Technologies for Ubiquitous Multimedia

Papers accepted and presented at UMCC2010 will be included in the workshop proceedings published by IEEE Computer Society Press (indexed by EI). Selected best papers, after further extensions and revisions, will be considered for publication at a special issue of IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications.